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FashionbyMayhem_008_CRHi there!  Thanks for stopping by.  You may have seen some of our images on Instagram tagged with #fashionbymayhem, but there’s more to the story than can usually be seen in a single image.  So consider this site the space where we’ll be sharing more.  It’ll still be highly visual, but you can expect to see additional images to the ones featured on Instagram.  For example, the image above.  I loved it but couldn’t decide between a few, which to share on IG.  So I asked Mayhem … and she chose this one:

Because it’s her.  And I can’t argue with that!

We have several fun things we plan to add to this site in the next week, but feel free to look around learn a little more about the who, what and why behind #fashionbyMayhem.

We’re excited about this new part of our adventure and we hope we’ll see you again along the way :)


  1. says

    What a natural talent!!! Both of you are talented, and mom you don’t think you are, but you indeed are. Who needs a sewing machine when you have paper and tape! What a wonderful thing the two of you are doing! No matter what Mayhem does in her life, you are building such a bond, and memories with her. That is a gift far greater than all the electronic toys, and gadgets parents give so freely now. You are giving her time and attention, and she is learning so much! Without realizing she is building math skills, problem solving. She is planning and learning, and having so much fun! It shows in your pictures! I am very impressed! But mainly keep enjoying being together! Wonderful that you are able to spend the time with her, so many moms don’t have the time.
    In loving light~

  2. Rosemary Jordal says

    This yellow dress is my favorite so far, from the amazing Mayhem design team. And what a team you are. I really really really love this stuff you are creating. I wonder if Tim Gunn has seen these. Hard to imagine that he wouldn’t be impressed. Wonderful stuff.

    • Mayhem's Mama says

      Thank you – the yellow is among my favs too! We actually have it hanging on one of our walls because we love it so much :)

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