Gratitude, Excitement and Overwhelm

Mayhem. It’s not just a nickname for our kid anymore.Β It very accurately describes the past five days of our lives.


First, we can’t begin to tell you how humbling it is to have so many people reaching out to us and sharing that our story of making paper dresses has either touched or inspired them in some way. The kind words have brought smiles, laughs and at times, even tears (the good kind). I’m literally still shaking my head and saying “but we’re just hanging out at home making paper dresses…”.

So thank you, to each of you who have dropped us a line, left us a comment (anywhere) or reached out in some way.

We’ve had many exciting opportunities come our way. To say our inbox runneth over is an understatement.Β And for that, too, we are SO grateful.

Chatting with a few friends last night, I expressed that this whole experience was exciting for about 2.4 seconds before it became overwhelming and even a bit intimidating. The kind of overwhelm which causes your body to physically shake. Nonstop. (For about 60 hours in my case.) But here’s where that gratitude comes back in … we have some of the BEST people you can imagine in our lives. Friends who dropped what they were doing to make phone calls, send emails, and jump in with both feet to help us get a handle on things. We owe a lot of people a LOT right now.

And those friends came in droves offering emotional support too. Just as important. Incredible words of encouragement and inspiration were sent our way.

I was encouraged to trust myself. Trust my intuition. To stand guard at the door of my mind. To maintain my integrity. To keep on keeping Mayhem priority number one.Β 

So we put the brakes on. And stopped panicking about the hundreds of emails labeled “Urgent”, “Immediate Response”, “Oscars”, “Red Carpet”, “Exclusive” and “Extremely Time Sensitive”. We stopped answering the phone. And we started asking questions like: How do we keep Mayhem safe? How do we keep this fun? How do we maintain our integrity? How do we manage all this? Do we want something else to come from this? Which opportunities could we embrace and still have the kind of family life that is important to us? So we made phone calls and put some things in place to make life a little more manageable.

And then we did the normal stuff. Grocery shopping, playing Sequence for Kids, Goldie Blox, Go Fish, dress making, coloring, hidden pictures, watching Frozen (out on iTunes already!) and puzzles just to name a few.

Many many friends have asked if Mayhem has a clue what’s going on and the answer is no and yes. No, she doesn’t really have any idea of the magnitude of what has just happened. But yes, because like all kids, she knows when something is up. She feels it when mom and dad get stressed. And she’s not a big fan of that. The other day she told me “no more email Mom, let’s just go make a dress”. And this morning as I was back at it typing away, she sat next to me and cried stating “I’m afraid you’ll never play with me again Mom”. Don’t worry, she knows better than that. While I know she’s feeling a lot of stuff from us, she’s also a pint sized master manipulator πŸ˜‰

We’ve passed on a lot of opportunities already. We know many of them were “time sensitive”. And since everyone wants to know, no, we’re not currently in New York. And we won’t be appearing on any morning shows live tomorrow. Don’t get us wrong, we are extremely appreciative for the offers that came in, but it just didn’t feel right yet.

So we’re here at home. Watching it snow. And expecting up to seven inches of snow in the next 24 hours means we might just be snowed in tomorrow.

Yes, we’ll be watching the Academy Awards tonight. We might even let Mayhem stay up and watch it for a while too πŸ˜‰ I’ll let her take a look at the dresses and see what she thinks. Just like we always do. I won’t force her to make anything she doesn’t want to. And we won’t put any deadlines on making them. Because I’m pretty sure that might just suck the fun right out of this. But we’ll sit in our cozy little space and do our thing. The way we usually do it. In the place we usually do it.

Today, my friend Tricia commented Β “If it begins to be too much pressure…the fun is gone! Your purpose is gone. You know that!!!”

It was the virtual hug I needed to know that this isn’t just about tonight or tomorrow. We’ve been making dresses out of paper for nearly nine months now. Just for fun. And we’re going to keep on keeping on. We hope you’ll keep on enjoying what we do.

Finally, the absolute greatest joy that we’ve had through this whole experience is to see the creations we’ve inspired. Checking out the tags #fashionbymayhem and #inspiredbymayhem on Instagram right now are mind blowing! We never in a million years would have guessed so many people would jump in and get creative with us. So keep ’em coming! You guys are amazing and we adore seeing them :)


  1. Amanda says

    As a mom and teacher, I’m inspired by what you’re doing, but would never expect you to do anything more unless you all want to! keep having fun and thanks for sharing what you have with us! I have a 2 1/2 yo that has just started wearing skirts again thanks to a dance class friend, so a paper dress is on our list of projects to attempt together one of these days! we’re from northern Kentucky and I just saw that you’re in the Cincinnati area too so you know tomorrow could end up being a snow day, I will send pics if we are ambitious enough to start this project this soon! keep on mama, you’re doing amazing things!

    • Mayhem's Mama says

      Thank you for the kind words and I do hope to see your creation :) All in the name of fun, of course! And small world …. is winter over yet?!?!

  2. Kelly says

    It must be so overwhelming to be suddenly thrust into the public conscience just for being you. I can’t even imagine. The comment *I* made when I posted a link to your HuffPo article to my FB wall was that I was in awe of your child’s creativity and imagination, and, even moreso, your unwavering encouragement of both. As she grows up there will be plenty of people who criticize her and try to make her feel “less than,” for any stupid reason they can dream up. Now that the public is aware of her, this may happen sooner rather than later. In my opinion, protecting her from those negative voices, not allowing them to take root in her subconscious and fester, encouraging her to believe in herself, enjoy what she’s doing, and not care what others think are the most important things you can do for her now. And your post shows you take all of that very seriously. Kudos to you for keeping your priorities straight thru all the madness.

    • Mayhem's Mama says

      Thank you so much! And I agree … too much negative out there, that’s one of our major reasons for encouraging the creative thinking :)

  3. Lisy says

    You sound like a very wise mama. Looking first to the needs of your family rather than to glory for yourself.

    • Mayhem's Mama says

      Thank you for the kind words. It’s funny how the decisions have been so easy for us to make and so hard for some others to understand πŸ˜‰

  4. says

    You and Mayhem are amazing. My daughters and I have enjoyed watching you received all of this well-deserved attention. I don’t know how you are staying sane and keeping it all in check, but you are! Congratulations. Enjoy the Awards Show. Enjoy the offers. This is YOUR time. And creating dresses and memories with Mayhem will never go out of style!

    • Mayhem's Mama says

      Thank you Jean!!! So glad our paths crossed online a couple years back as I always enjoy seeing what you and your girls are up to! And keeping things in check has been a bit of a challenge but I think we’re getting back on top of things :)

  5. says

    You are such an awesome Mom Angie!! I’m sure all those feelings are exciting and overwhelming all at the same time and you are handling it like a trooper. Thanks for sharing and love that you guys are going to keep on keeping on!!


    • Mayhem's Mama says

      Thanks Sharon – YOU are an awesome mom!!! Hope to see you sometime soon … how is time flying so quickly?!?!

  6. Sonja says

    You are truly awesome. Your sane attitude to the sudden rush of ‘fame’ is as inspirational as the simple fun you have with your little girl by making these dresses.
    Thank you for not getting sucked in to the gaudy, shallow, unrewarding 15 minutes, and staying true to what’s really important. Love your work. X

    • Mayhem's Mama says

      Thank you – the decisions have been surprisingly easy to make, but the pressure to make them has been fairly intense at times. It’s been quite a lesson to say the least.

  7. Alexa Perkins says

    I love how you are not getting a big head about all the attention! Keep this about you and the fun that you and Mayhem are having together. The time with her is precious and it shouldn’t be clouded with deadlines and interviews (although a few here and there could be fun). Proud of you!!

  8. says

    This is exactly what I love about you. Your integrity. I’ve been telling my girls about you this week as they’ve seen you on Instagram especially…..that as long as I’ve “known” you, you’ve always had a kind word and the best heart, and you are the kind of mama that mayhem is so lucky to have. hugs.

    • Mayhem's Mama says

      Thanks Angie – I think your family is awfully lucky to have a mama like you too!!! Hope all of your crew is healthy and doing well :)

  9. Norma says

    So happy to read this! It’s fun to watch you guys having fun. If you’re not having fun anymore, the game is over. And I do think Mayhem has style that will grow with her. I love your photography! Thank you for sharing your fun with the world.

  10. says

    Glad you wrote this post! Trust your gut instincts, pray about it, and you know you’ll do what’s right.

    I blog about my girls and family too, and taking a few steps back does help to ‘eliminate and concentrate’ as a friend puts it.

    Take the opportunities that you know Mayhem will love, that come with as little time pressure or otherwise possible, and enjoy the journey! It’s going to be fun!

  11. says

    I’m glad you wrote this. And that’s the reason I spent last Tuesday morning reading your comments and looking at your creations (when I kinda shoulda been working). It is fun. Lots of love to your family whatever you do!

  12. says

    No real other way to say this — you’re an amazing mom. My wife & I (and of course our munchkin) wish you guys all the best, and we all love seeing Mayhem’s creativity. Can’t wait to see the aftermath of the Red Carpet dresses in the days/weeks to come! Thanks for inspiring girls (and parents!) everywhere :)

    • Mayhem's Mama says

      Thanks so much! I keep waiting for people to realize we’re just two girls hanging out at home taping pieces of paper together. It’s fun for us and we’re blown away to hear that it’s inspiring others …. but thank you again :)

  13. Patricia says

    Your post today made me nearly as happy as when I first discovered you, Mayhem, and your amazing creations several days ago (with the rest of the world, it seems). Kudos to you for not letting things spin out of control. I very much hope the stress will decrease and your life will be back to normal, both for you and for incredibly selfish reasons (I can’t wait to see more of Mayhem’s creations!).

    I wish you the strength you will need to keep such a remarkably lovable, beautiful and inspiring child safe and sane in today’s world. Thank you for being an amazing mother and for sharing the gifts of your life with the internet. I now look forward to Mayhem every day (and to taking Mayhem’s inspiration with me, the next time I visit my niece)!

    • Mayhem's Mama says

      Thank you for such a lovely comment and your support! It’s starting to slowly get back to a somewhat normal state. But part of that was simply reminding myself that I get to be in control through all of this madness and not to allow anyone else to pressure us to change who we are or our objectives :)

  14. Kait says

    As you once wrote on an Instagram picture, ‘thanks for the magic and the memories’ – I just wanted to thank you for those two things! I am not a mother yet, but it’s moms like you that make me a little less nervous to bring a little ‘mayhem’ (aka a little one of me) into this world. So please, take a deep breath, hug and high five your little fashionista and continue what you’ve come to love.

    • Mayhem's Mama says

      Thank you! And I can completely relate to your nervousness about being a mom – I had tons of anxiety about bringing another human into this crazy world. I still have moments of that anxiety but four years into this gig, I can’t imagine life being any different. Being a mom really is the best job :) All our best to you and yours!

  15. Christina says

    At a pivotal moment you made a brilliant decision. Good for you for protecting your little one and prioritizing your family and the fun you started together. And while I’d love to see her red carpet looks, I love that there is no pressure or timeframe even more. Big high-fives and hugs from an admiring mom.

  16. says

    Proud of you Angie for keeping it real, keeping it authentic and keeping true to your desires, which was to provide a fun and unique creative outlet for “Mayhem.” :) I know it can be so hard to say “no” to the wonderful and exciting opportunities that come our way, but for every “no” there will be the right “yes” for your family.

    Keep on inspiring us who’ve been privileged to follow along with #fashionbymayhem since the beginning, as well as all of the new fans, and the rest will fall into place! :)

    Heather (At The Picket Fence)

    • Mayhem's Mama says

      Thanks Heather! It’s been a wild ride so far and I really appreciate your support and encouragement. And you’re right, the right opportunities will be there when the time is right. Thanks for following along on this journey – hope all is well since your big move! And I bet you thought you could get rid of snow by moving south, huh?!?! πŸ˜‰

  17. Nariel says

    truly an inspiration! i want to do this with my future kids (well if they are interested) lol. Mayhem is such a beautiful creative smart and clever girl.

    virtual hugs and fairy dust to help in Mayhem and your new found fame! <3

  18. Kati says

    My 5 year old absolutely loves Mayhem’s page & has been asking to make a “mayhem dress” of her own ;).

    Thank-you for sharing what you do.

    • Mayhem's Mama says

      Go for it! It’s fun for us and that’s why we continue, but when the fun is over the gig is up πŸ˜‰

  19. says

    As someone who followed your Instagram before you started the dresses and got to meet Mayhem when she was a bitty thing, I’ve been so happy to watch all the exciting things that have come your way in the last week.

    But reading this made me even happier. Keep doing what you have been as a mom. If any opps feel right, take them but remember your only obligation is to your family. xo

    • Mayhem's Mama says

      Thanks Shell! Want to hear something completely crazy???? I’m pretty sure you were my very first IG follower!!! So yeah, you’ve been there from the get go and I really appreciate the support and kind words. XO

  20. says

    THIS. This is why you have been and always will be my favorites. Genuine, down-to-earth, REAL people with their daughter’s best interests at heart. Mad love to you three. ❀️

    • Mayhem's Mama says

      Mad love right back atcha! YOU. You are the best kind of friend and supporter a person could ask for. Like ever πŸ˜‰

  21. Angel Morrison says

    Just like #beauandthor keep it real and fun. My boys, yes boys, love looking at your pictures. Kids grow up way to fast and life slips away so stay young and enjoy it all. She can be big later for now she’s little and enjoying each day. Keep taking pictures and let her be herself. You’re doing great!

    • Mayhem's Mama says

      thank you – it does go to quickly! We’re just trying to soak up each and every minute πŸ˜‰

  22. Sakina says

    Kudos to you! Looking through all your pics, I’m amazed to see talent, creativity, and fun. I have daughter, who turned 5 months old today, and while I was looking through how much fun you and your daughter have making these dresses; it makes me want to get creative with something so My daughter and I could have “our special” thing together. So excited and happy for you guys! Keep those paper dresses coming. :)

    • Mayhem's Mama says

      thank you for the kind words! and don’t worry – you’ll find “your thing” together. But don’t rush it either, that precious baby time seems so long ago to me already and my girl is only 4. It’s true what they say about how quickly time passes … :)

  23. Kalie says

    You are doing a wonderful job. I love making dresses out of random items (i.e. duct tape, plastic bags, etc.). When it’s not fun, it is definitely not worth it anymore. I’m so happy of how supportive you are. I hope that Mayhem is able to continue this as she gets older and continues to blossom. I’m excited to see what she makes.

  24. Sarah says

    Love this!! You keep on doing things the way you know to be right for you and your sweet family. A few years ago my son, I could honestly refer to him as mayhem too, was “discovered” snowboarding. Over night I had companies and magazines wanting to talk to me, my husband about my 14 year old son. And him! They all wanted to talk to him. of course we were so excited and dazzled but as you know, it quickly turned into an overwhelming experience that we felt we could not control. My wise mother said to me, almost thoughtlessly, “they don’t grow down, your kids will only grow up”. That was it, we put the brakes on everything. No way was I going to change what he loved to do, no way was I going to change his world and force him into growing up too quickly. Good for you for protecting your family, you will never regret it!

    • Mayhem's Mama says

      Sarah – thank you SO much for sharing your story!!! And such wise advice from your mother! So glad to hear that you you weren’t willing to make him grow up too quickly either. This was a very valuable lesson in how aggressive the media can be and how vigilant we have to be in protecting our kids. Thanks again for sharing, I loved reading your experience :)

  25. says

    I’m once again in awe of you, and proud of you. Mayhem is one lucky little lady.

    Love watching all the wonderful things happening to y’all, but I am so thrilled that you’re keeping life in perspective.

    Pint sized manipulator… I have one of those, too. πŸ˜‰ sheesh – they keep us real, don’t they?! <3 ooxoxo

    • Mayhem's Mama says

      Mwah!!! I adore you Rachel, you know that, right?!?! Those kids of yours are awfully lucky too – I see an amazing mother who clearly loves and puts her family first every time one of your photographs crosses one of my feeds. XOXO

  26. Leah Birkett says

    Good for you! What a good mama you are. I love that you want to continue loving and protecting your baby and having fun with her passion for dress making. I hope she can be an inspiration to many boys and girls to do what they love. Best wishes!
    -Leah (Mama to 3 & 4 yr old)

    • Mayhem's Mama says

      Thank you Leah – And yes, protecting her became priority number one when things got a little crazy. But now we’re back to business as usual – sitting on the floor taping paper together πŸ˜‰ All our best to you and yours!

  27. says

    Wow. I’ve only just happened upon your website (ha! I must be part of the bandwagon!) but it’s interesting to hear the other side of the coin ref success. Good for you in remembering what the real success is though – sharing happy, fun, educational times with your daughter. I wish you all the fun in the world. Rachel ☺

  28. Lydia says

    I have really enjoyed the instragram photos and now your blog. Congrats on realizing what matters most is your family and not letting anything else get in the middle. Opportunities may come and go but when the time is right, you’ll know you made the right decision.

  29. says

    I am so delighted for that you have a wonderful network of support and friendship, at what must be the most crazy time. Without the media I would never have met and been inspired by your collaborative creations:)

  30. says

    You are an absolute gem and I respect you even more! Staying genuine and putting your passion and priorities first is not easy in this space.

    You and Mayhem are so inspiring because you are just doing what you do and enjoy sharing it authentically – It’s been wonderful to see it all evolve through Instagram!

    Keep on rocking it and make the most of it!

    • Mayhem's Mama says

      AHHHH – thank you! You know, YOU have been an inspiration to me! Your posts on handling food allergies has been something I refer to often. Over and over again. I love your attitude and it’s clearly obvious that your family ROCKS too :)

  31. says

    I felt that this was in your heart as soon as I saw your craftiness receiving the attention that it deserves. We went thought the same thing last year and I am so happy we put the breakes on. You are an inspiration to so many yet you have been a great bloggy friend to us for years and we heart you so. I see great things in your future but I also see you being you every day. In the present. When you are happy in the present future is bright. Virtual hug.

    • Mayhem's Mama says

      Thank you so much Stasha! I’ve been a fan of your IG feed for quite some time and enjoy visiting your blog as well. I remember watching your feed gain a lot of momentum very quickly and I was always impressed with how you stayed true to who you always were prior to that. It’s been a crazy experience here but I’m so happy to have great people in my life and wonderful online friends who continue to support and inspire me. You’re one of those inspiring people!!! And thanks for the hug – I needed it :)

  32. says

    The best is the time you get to spend with Mayhem working on such an amazing and fun project together. You have inspired us to take our crafty time to the next level. So today I went to the paper store and got some to start our fun time with my 4 years old. I liked reading your post from yesterday night. It made me like you even more for putting your family and kid together.

    Looking forward to keep reading your posts and see more inspiring dresses that we can also enjoy looking or trying to make them too.

    • Mayhem's Mama says

      Thank you! and I hope it was fun for you to try. We’re ALL about fun over here – when it stops being fun, it’s over πŸ˜‰ But for now we’re going to keep on keeping on. Enjoy all those precious moments with your 4 year old too – it’s a fun age!

  33. says

    Your gut is always the thing to pay attention to. Always. I know this feeling exactly from a brief week in October when I had a video go viral. It’s exciting and overwhelming, though in my case it was less about my kid, and I imagine that adds a whole other layer of complexity. You have this talent and your friends, family, and your beautiful girl, and asking what it is that you need, want, and what works is all you can do. But don’t doubt that you deserve all of this, as scary as it is, you’ve touched a lot of people.

    • Mayhem's Mama says

      Thank you so much! It’s all been a very strange experience. Exciting for sure. Overwhelming for sure. and a bit “out of body” feeling sometimes too … thank you for the kind words though, they truly made me smile :)

  34. Dawn says

    Just amazing – love the dresses but love even more the fun & amazing memories you must be both having. So special x

  35. Suzanne says

    Oh FANTASTIC! Great job. So happy you were able to take a deep breath and assess the truth. You’ve got your head on straight & are doing a great job.

  36. says

    Thanks for the inspiration. Love the whole idea of the dresses – my girls are so excited to give it a try. But most of all, I just love hearing about a great way to spend time with your children, doing something fun and creative. As a working mom, I sometimes find myself very ‘busy’ when I need to just stop and sit on the floor and play. Thanks for inspiring us to all be creative kids together.

  37. says

    I can understand how crazy everything got – but good for you for staying grounded and focusing on what’s important. I do have to admit I’ve become a huge fan in the last week. Not just because your little girl’s imagination has stolen my heart, but also because you encouraged her to be creative and have helped her along the way. Many parents overlook creative freedom and you’ve both embraced it. Way to go, Mom. xoxo

  38. Lynn says

    You (all) are an inspiration for so many reasons!! I admire your morals & strong family values. Thanks for reminding me to stop staring at my phone or computer and play Legos with my boys.

    • Mayhem's Mama says

      Lynn – I KNOW how great of a Mom you are! You have 2 very lucky (not so little anymore!) boys and you’re such a great example of strong morals and family values – thanks for the support :)

  39. Graciela says

    I have been enjoying seeing all of your daughter and your creations! I appreciate and completely respect that you plan to keep it relaxed and fun, because really, why ruin a good thing? Keep em coming – my daughter loves the dresses too!

  40. says

    Such an exciting time for all of you. It sounds like you have everyone’s best interest at heart…and will make the right decisions for your family whatever they will be. I look forward to hearing more about your adventures and applaud you in this fantastic creative journey that you’re on together!

  41. says

    I am so impressed with the way you have responded to the overwhelming following. By staying true to your daughter and your family, you are even more likeable. I wish you all the best on your journey.

  42. Candice LaMeyer says

    What an amazing mom you are!!! You are such an inspiration for all the moms out there. My three years old and I are loving watching your guys creations. Thank you for sharing with us.

  43. says

    I think that you are amazing and am so glad that you shared this story. Let up on the brakes when it feels right. Until then, home is where the heart is happiest, especially with our kids. XO

    • Mayhem's Mama says

      Laura – you couldn’t be more right! And it’s always obvious how important your family is to you too – YOU are an inspiration :) XOXO

  44. Sally says

    Your daughter is a pistol! So glad to see that you have such a great perspective on keeping it real and maintaining your balance. Society seems to direct us to believe that your moment in the spot light is the most important thing. You see it time and time again, in the end it seems like the applause then turns to criticism. I look forward to seeing Mayhems creative works, thanks for sharing with all of us your precious gift, Mayhem .

    • Mayhem's Mama says

      Thank you – and you’re right, she is a pistol! It’s funny you mention about the importance society places on the spotlight, as it became painfully obvious that all Mayhem was feeling from all of this was that her mama was spending too much time returning email … kids are pretty smart sometimes πŸ˜‰

  45. says

    so so SO so incredibly glad to have stumbled upon this new blog. NEW FAVOURITE, for sure!!! Mayhem is adorable πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  46. Kathy says

    Thank you for being such an inspiring momma! I have a little boy, but I am sharing your story with all my friends that have little girls. Keep it up ladies and keep having fun with your play times!!!

  47. Nikki says

    I just wanted to comment, like so many others that what your doing with your daughter is incridible. I initially became aware of Mayhem and the paper dresses after serveral friends of mine had shared an article on Facebook about her. From there I found and followed you guys on Instagram. It was there, that I found just how many dresses the two of you had made and thought ‘what a lucky little girl Mayhem is’. With everything being so different nowadays, I wanted to both applaud and commend you on keeping the magic, fun and wonder in your daughters eyes…especially being a working and busy mother. Can you just imagine years and years down the line how many wonderful memories she’ll have with you? Or the endless possibilities her future will hold after being exposed to such creativity? Regardless of whatever course you decide to take with how you choose to move forward, please know that you and Mayhem have touched the lives of a lot of us and made us smile. The nostalgia of paper dolls, playing dress up and so on are classic and hit a warm note in so many. I’m sure every one of us who have followed you and Mayhem can certainly appreciate and respect you putting her safety and happiness above all. Your doing this right…keep up all the amazing work. You guys are an inspiration!

    • Mayhem's Mama says

      Thank you – your comment truly touched me. This little girl is the best, most challenging, most rewarding, most pull my hair out kind of work I could ever imagine being blessed to do. And I cannot fathom loving any job more than being her mother :)

  48. says

    I am so amazed by you guys! When I shared your story on Facebook a few days ago my comment was: “Quite possibly the coolest thing I’ve ever seen!” I love the creativity that you both have and I enjoy following you on Instagram. I hope you keep sharing and keep loving the fun you are having together!

    • Mayhem's Mama says

      Thank you – we plan to keep creating and sharing as long as it stays fun! And for now, it’s still lots of fun :)

  49. Kayla says

    The fact that you stopped in the middle of the rush and focused on your family is demonstrative of why people respond to your story. It is refreshing to know that your first and foremost concern is your daughter’s health, safety, and happiness rather than the publicity your work has engendered. I applaud you for inspiring so many people (including myself) with your beautiful creations, and for encouraging your precious daughter to follow her creative dreams, whatever they may be that day! :)

    • Mayhem's Mama says

      Thank you thank you thank you!!! Putting her health, safety and happiness was the easiest call to make amongst the madness. I’m a mom … that’s my job πŸ˜‰

  50. Anna says

    Miss Mayhem (and you) do beautiful work. I actually have a question about your backdrop window – is that it south facing? The want-to-be-photographer in me is dying to know. Keep doing what you love, ladies!

  51. says

    Years from now your daughter will look back and marvel at what an incredible childhood she had and how much she has you to thank for that. You are both an immense blessing to us all. Kudos!

    • Mayhem's Mama says

      Thank you so much for the kind words! I’m planning on reminding her of these times when she reaches that teenage stage and “hates” me πŸ˜‰

  52. says

    I found your blog through all the publicity and I think it’s amazing! But I also think it’s awesome that it’s done on the child’s terms. So, I know it’s easy to say, but please don’t stress! Do things as long as they’re fun. I’m sure Mayhem will have a bunch of opportunities in the future, the talented little girl she is. So if you miss out on some things now, there will be other things later.

  53. says

    This is the best response to media hype I think I have ever read. Way to go, mom! Your friend is right– if it isn’t fun anymore, what’s the point? Kids grow up too fast as it is, good for you for being able to navigate the chaos of emails and press interviews to see what’s most important: quality creative time with you and your daughter. Isn’t that what it’s all about? Thank you for inspiring moms everywhere to connect with their kids using something so basic. I’m sure I have a pack of construction paper around here, somewhere…
    Your newest IG follower,

  54. miahalf says

    re: β€œno more email Mom, let’s just go make a dress”

    Wow. Your kid is so smart!

    My inner child is going to remember this phrase and bring it out the next time I’m feeling overwhelmed and uncreative πŸ˜‰

  55. says

    Not to add to the mountains of messages you’re already getting… I just wanted to reach out and say that what I love most of all about Fashion by Mayhem is the simplicity of it. That it’s simply something that y’all are doing for FUN. And it sounds like that’s exactly what you intend to well on doing. Good for you!!! Stardom and fame rarely are fun for more than the first 15 minutes anyway!! πŸ˜‰

  56. Amy says

    A friend turned me on to your site since my almost 8 year old has plans to be a fashion designer. As a mom, I think what you are doing, both the memories you are making with your daughter and the protection you are placing around her, is incredible. It is so easy to run with the interest and then you will suck the joy out of why you started. It takes quite a lot of character to say no and stay true to your beliefs. Kudos to you. And keep the photos coming!


  1. […] This little girl and her mom have gone viral, inspiring the internet community. Why? They are creating. They are consuming in order to produce. They are investing time in each other. This mother is investing time in her daughter. She is helping to have a vision and make her it a reality. There’s nothing more beautiful in the world than that. The story gets even better when you hear what happened after they started getting famous. Read it here, at Fashion by Mayhem. […]

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