Anatomy of The Kristin Dress

If you FaceTime with Mayhem for an hour and have cute dogs who do cool tricks, Mayhem will insist upon making a dress in your honor. Just ask Kristin. Aka @lunaticatlarge.  Wait, you don’t know Kristin? You should. Journalist, conference organizer, entrepreneur, everything she touches turns to gold, first true #fashionbymayhem fan, and most importantly: friend. This is the Kristin dress:

FashionByMayhem043_CRAnd here’s how it breaks down:


Two tone purple baby! Purple top. Purple bottom. Purple belt.

And the most perfect accessory. A cute little white dog!

Why the two tone? Glad you asked. Because Mayhem wanted to use the shiny purple wrapping paper and we didn’t have enough to make a whole dress. So we got creative. And cut the wrapping paper into construction paper sized sheets. And then, as Mayhem says “Let’s make a pattern! Shiny, not shiny, shiny, not shiny!”.

When I suggested we make the belt a different color, Mayhem raised her eyebrows and simply stated “She said she likes purple. Not silver. Not pink. Just purple, Mom.”

And with that, any and all discussion about accent colors was over.

She also insisted I needed more light on the dress when I wanted to photograph it. She made made me wait until she got a reflector out and then said, “How’s that, Mom?”.


And then she put on the dress.  And did what Mayhem does. I can’t remember exactly what she was doing/saying in this one, but all I see is her channeling her inner Celine Dion.

FashionByMayhem044_CRSo there you have it. The Kristin dress. Mayhem has been insisting we send it to Kristin, but I’m inclined to hang it on our wall of fame …. we’ll see 😉


  1. Jacki says

    Well, you guys are just too awesome! Mayhem is so adorable! She’s a natural model, what a cutie pie!!! And these dresses are pretty darn amazing – don’t sell yourself short! Thanks for making me smile! (Great photos too!)

  2. says

    If the Christmas party invitation specifies “holiday casual wear” as the dress code, don’t reach for your jeans.
    This year I had one of the most glamorous experiences in my life
    – I attended Toronto Fashion Week. Have you ever had to turn down an invitation because you literally
    had “nothing to wear.


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