• Mayhem's Mama says

      Thanks Rachel! Looking back, I can’t believe how long it’s been. And I certainly wouldn’t have thought we’d still be making paper dresses, but as long as she keeps wanting to, we’ll stick with it. Thanks for all your <3 and support!!!

  1. Ann Marie S. says

    I JUST LOVE LOVE LOVE HOW BEAUTIFUL first of all Mayhem is. Secondly the dresses omg are SO VERY VERY BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! She wears them very nice. Keep up the GREAT GREAT BEAUTIFUL WORK, Mayhem an Mom.

  2. Leslie says

    Soooooooo sweet! Thank u for having brought us so many beautiful things! Love this little princess and also mommy very much~Plz keep creating beauty andlove~Many thanks and love to u~BIG KISS! O(∩_∩)O

  3. says

    Have you thought about creating a paper dress making kit for little girls? I was just thinking maybe some moms aren’t so crafty and would like to do this with thier daughters or kids as well.

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