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Miss Independent


  She’s been flexing her independence to the max lately.  And for the most part, that’s been really good. She’s just ready for more than I’m ready for her to be ready for … <—-that totally makes sense, right?!

Food Allergy Frustrations


Having traveled a lot in the past year, we’ve been incredibly surprised to find the ease in which Mayhem’s food allergies can be accommodated. It’s made eating out fun again. Sometimes. Yesterday we were turned away by three separate (sit down, not fast food or fast casual) restaurants who told us they couldn’t (or wouldn’t […]

Cracking The Bunny Code :)


{This post is sponsored by an amazing small business that we adore. Yay for small business!} When you think back to back to your childhood, is there a special “lovey” or “security blanket” that comes to mind? I have little doubt of exactly how Mayhem will answer that question 30 years from now. And that’s […]